Monday, December 23, 2013

Chocolate Cake Truffles

I had the proverbial "epic fail" recently, when the gorgeous chocolate chip bundt cake I'd baked for my co-workers didn't come out of the pan properly. I'd let it cool for 30 minutes or so - not so cold that it had adhered to the pan, not so hot that it hadn't set yet. I'd thoroughly greased the pan. I needed this option because it was non-dairy; one of my co-workers has a severe allergy, and the fudge assortment I was also bringing was, needless to say, a rich and potential killer with all of its milk products.

But my cake ....

When I tipped the pan over, only half of the cake came out. And not the left or the right, such that I could trim the edges and slice the cake and make it look pretty on a plate ... nope. The top half came out, misshapen and crumbly on top. There was no piecing it together, gluing it with a bit of icing.

I stood and looked down at it, nearly in tears.

I thought about making bread pudding, only to realize I'd used my last two eggs in the cake. I thought about cake pops, only to realize I'd used the last of my non-dairy chocolate chips in the cake.


And then I thought of no-bake cookies. I've made some in the past that require ground cookies and nuts, a splash of liquid (coffee, brandy), some confectioners' sugar, and rolling the mixture into little balls. Well, what did I have on hand that might facilitate this???

Nilla wafers ... dairy. *#&%^@&*#&

And then, I saw them: waffle cone bowls. Were they ... gasp! They were! Non-dairy!!!

I ground them up in the blender. I smushed some of the cake. I tossed in some confectioners' sugar and a bit of almond milk. I mixed, I rolled, I breathed again.

When I brought these in the next day, they were a huge hit! They were more popular than Oreo Fudge, even!

I always maintain that if something doesn't turn out the way you expected it to, re-purpose it, rename it, and pretend it's what you'd intended to serve along.

And so, I didn't bring my co-workers a Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. Nope. Instead, I brought them Chocolate Cake Truffles.

And they were good ... :)

Chocolate Cake Truffles

Needless to say, in my panic I didn't bother to measure how much broken cake I had, how generous the splash of almond milk was ... I just mixed and hoped and begged the fates to help this all come together. Judge by feel with whatever ingredients you might improvise with.

Crumbled chocolate cake
an equal amount of ground Nilla wafer or waffle cone crumbs
1/4 cup or so confectioners' sugar + more for coating
splash of almond milk

Combine everything in a large mixing bowl, and stir to mix well. When the mixture holds together and is sticky, it's the right consistency - not too dry or crumbly, not too soft and mushy. Roll into 1" balls. Place onto a baking sheet and bake at 350F for 20 minutes to help set the shape and start the drying process. Let cool completely, then roll in confectioners' sugar.


Jenn S said...

I love how you are so cool under pressure!! I would have broken down and tears and just said "forget about it" and Chris would've had to eat crumbly cake for the next week to get rid of it!! lol This is a FANTASTIC idea and I applaud your resourcefulness!!!

Jean | said...

Good save, Mary! That's what it's all about! Have a fabulous 2014!

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh Mary, that was BRILLIANT! And I'm with you on the regroup and rename. Great idea. I wouldn't mind a few of those this afternoon. xo

Have a happy New Year!

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