Friday, September 24, 2010

Long Weekend

Just saying "Hi" and letting everyone know that I'm a-goin' on vacation -- I've got 2 days off and am headed to Chicago with Tom. Plans to eat, to walk, to see the Art Institute, to eat some more ... and oh, did I mention that I plan to eat a lot??? As Alex Witchel once wrote in Gourmet: "... the only danger I want to confront on vacation is not fitting into my pants when it's over."

Be back here on Monday, maybe, but possibly Tuesday. I've got so many ideas for posts, so many themes and plans and such; I just need the time to put it all together. I've done enough quickie posts lately ... it's time to get back to being verbose and long-winded, and really investing more of myself into my writing.

So look for write-ups about our Train Trip Treats, the Thai dinner Tom has picked for our first night in Chicago, and the mandatory trip to Intelligentsia for coffee. I'm also pondering the prospect of making recipes from some of my quaint and quirky decades-old cookbooks ... a cupcake challenge among bakeries here in Ann Arbor ... prospects for a mushroom recipe contest ... oh, if only I had a benefactor who would support me while I spend my days cooking and baking and writing!

Have a fabulous weekend, and I'll catch up with everyone soon!!!


Candace said...

Hi Mary,

I finally got the Eight Cubed questions answered. Whew! I will be looking forward to hearing about your trip and for your many posts to come!

Have a wonderful and safe trip,

Life Happens said...

Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics!

Cranberry Morning said...

Have a wonderful time. Just yesterday morning my husband and I were looking at the Amtrak brochure cuz we'd like to take the train from Mpls. to Chicago and spend a weekend this fall. The Field Museum is my favorite place there, but there's SO MUCH to see!

Jenn said...

Have a fantastic time! Be safe! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Sheila said...

Have fun in the Windy City, Mary! I love Chicago!

Caren Gittleman said...

Have a great and safe trip! I LOVE Chicago!!

If you get a chance be sure to visit The Chicago Chop House!!

To die for!

Cat Chat

Robin said...

When you get back, make sure you check out HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY b/c I dedicated something to you! Hope you like it:-) Happy vacationing!!!!!

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