Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back At It, Sorta

Hi, there -- me again!

We finally got internet service back at work, so there's been mucho catching up to do. My laptop situation is being resolved as I type, and with any luck I'll be back to posting inanity and fluff very soon. I'm surprised at how well I've dealt with my withdrawal symptoms, and how I've distracted myself: I made a Christmas stocking (remedially, because I am not a seamstress, but it was a labor of love), I've completed several crossword puzzles, I've nearly finished a book, I've baked, I've exercised … it's been good for me!

So, I am still unable to show you some of the amazing things I've made and eaten lately because I have nothing to download my pictures to; and I can't really take hours out of my work day (or stay for hours in the evening) to write my own personal blog posts. (It's bad enough -- and perhaps this is what God was chastising me for when He yanked my cyber-access so abruptly??? -- that I check email or comments every so often throughout the day … tsk, tsk.) But I had to at least check in with my friends and followers for Thanksgiving, to offer my deep appreciation for your support and your encouragement.

My ex-husband is in recovery and has attended many an A.A. meeting. For those of you who may not know much about how they work, there is usually a theme: sometimes they read from the Alcoholics Anonymous book, sometimes attendees pick a topic. And if anyone ever wants to get out early, they volunteer to lead the minions in a discussion of gratitude -- it's the shortest meeting imaginable!

While I've always joked about that, in all honesty I have to hang my own head in shame at how much I take for granted, how much I kvetch about, and how little I show genuine appreciation for gifts that the universe has bestowed upon me. And so, as everyone else is doing (since when am I a lemming???), I am going to offer a list of some things I'm grateful for this year. I sat in the Sanctuary at work to offer some silent thanks, and now I'll take some of it into the public realm.

Health: Never, ever take it for granted! I am one of the healthiest people I know, with good blood pressure and cholesterol/sugar levels, no arthritis, no chronic pain, no significant impediments other than an increasingly feeble memory. I take a thyroid pill each morning along with my vitamins -- that's it. Many of my loved ones have both physical and psychiatric difficulties, and one very special person has been hospitalized twice this year with 5 or 6 (we've lost count) trips to the ER for a variety of issues. Those of us who have good health should be on our knees with gratitude for it, rather than just blissfully scurrying about during our days. Health is a precious commodity, and it is more valuable than many others which would be lost without it.

Money: There's never enough of it, and I worry about it constantly both day and night. Dealing with finances is soul-deadening and I loathe it; I'd like greater financial security, rather than always being tense and careful. However, I have a job that provides both income and health insurance, not to mention some truly dear friends/co-workers … I have a home and the ability to pay rent … I have two cars (my Suburban and Jeremy's Beetle) which have been paid off … have clothes, and even relish the thrill of touring thrift shops for new goodies … I have enough food that I can cook and bake what I please, as well as eating out fairly frequently, and engage in the frivolity of writing about it … I have money to donate to some of my favorite charities in $18 increments (18 being symbolic of "life" in Judaism) … I have no late bills and no creditors seeking a pound or more of my flesh … I have heat, lights, water, and even enough disposable funds to grudgingly cough up to get my computer fixed. I am immensely grateful for all of these blessings and others I haven't either listed or thought of.

Family: I am a firm believer that a family is created by the people one chooses to be with, ones who love you, rather than necessarily being determined by DNA. I have my priceless, beloved Jeremy, without whom my life would cease to exist; Tom, who is a cherished member of my family even if we're not married; Tom's daughter and sisters and brother and nephew and nieces and father and stepmother and grandmother and cousins, who have welcomed me because I love and care for Tom, who is precious to them; Wendy and Connie, my bestest girlfriends without whom I would not have survived much "tsuris" ([TSOOH-riss] = heartache); my parents, who admittedly make me insane but who are there when I need them; my "bubbes" ([BUH-beez] = grandmothers), the amazing elderly women at work who have adopted me and whom I adore; the friends I've gathered in recent years through work, whom I consider to be extended family … I am truly blessed with people to love who remarkably love me in return.

Followers/Friends: I started this blog in March, and am utterly astounded that I am nearing 500 followers! And I have also met wonderful friends whom I would never have encountered anywhere but cyberspace, whom I look forward to hearing from and sharing with each day. The support, encouragement, cheering, commiserating, and just genuine t.l.c. you've all offered to me throughout this adventure is so amazing! I am genuinely grateful for your having found me, followed me, and friended me. But then, people always do bond over food, don't they … ?

Have a lovely, blessed, warm, hearty, fattening, happy Thanksgiving!!! We've got Chanukkah fast approaching, and the Christmas and New Year and birthday season soon thereafter … there's always more food, and traditions to continue ... :)


Anonymous said...

It's true that it's good to have some time without's astonishing how MUCH time you spend at the computer o_O

I wish you and your family all the best, happy Thanksgiving and a nice weekend.

xoxo =)

Karen Harris said...

Beautiful post Mary! You might also respectfully add good internet connection to that list. All joking aside, being a blogger and a contester, there is nothing more frustrating than the old "internet down" declaration by my son (sheesh!). Have a great Thanksgiving.

Leanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mary!!!! Such a great post and reminder of the good in life!

Cranberry Morning said...

You are surprised that you have that many followers??? Are you kidding? We are basically selfish and we read your blog because it's fun! And it's fun to get to know you through your blog. Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

Robin said...

I skimmed your blog b/c I really need to call the kids but I wanted to thank you for the comment and to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. However, do not worry about money. The law of attraction says that you get what you think about. If you think about lack of money, you will get lack of money. If you are going to think about money, think of it in terms of abundance. Imagine having more than you can spend. If you get catalogs, cut out the things that you want and put them in a box. Take the pictures out and imagine owning them. If you have old checks, write checks to "buy" those items. The universe doesn't care about what you actually have. It cares about what you are in harmony with having. If you are in harmony with abundance, than that is what you will have. If you are in harmony with lack, that is what you will have. If you can't get with that exercise, take $100 out of the bank and put it in your wallet on your day off. Go shopping and look at various items. Admire them. This item is $50. You like it and you could buy it. Imagine yourself buying it and the satisfaction that would give you. You don't buy it. But you could. Do that over and over. In the end, you leave with the money in your wallet. However, you have spent it over and over. In essense, you may have spent it to the tune of thousands of dollars, vibrationally, that is. And that is what the universe cares about. In your mind, your attitude, you spent that money again and again. You moved from a place of lack to a place of abundance. Do that exercise again and again until you feel abundant. You will know that it is working when your bill issues are no longer issues. The universe will work them out for you. You will have moved from lack to abundance. Stop worrying.

Sheila said...

How lovely, Mary. It really is amazing how much our "cyber" worlds can collide, isn't it? Although, I credit our friendship to that old-fashioned printed magazine. Luckily, we have this world wide web that can keep us connected. Thank you!


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