Friday, November 12, 2010

Long Weekend

I've got lots and lots and LOTS of stuff waiting to be posted, and no time in which to do it. Tom and I have eaten at several restaurants that I still haven't shared with you, and I'm a coupla months behind on a dinner with Jeremy at his favorite Irish pub here in town. I've cooked, I've baked ... there are many photos waiting on my computer and many stories locked in the queue that is my (increasingly feeble) memory. But have no fear -- while I may forget why I walked down the hallway and stand there dumbfounded as I try to figure it out, I always remember what I've eaten and how it tasted and how much I enjoyed it.

But lately I feel as though I've become a pinball -- ping-ing and bouncing around from one place to another to yet another and still another. Little time to just sit in my jammies and type, type, type. And I type fast -- I test at 100+ words per minute! But when you're as chatty as I am, it still takes awhile to give the shpiel. Oh, and I also have to plan at least one post around Thanksgiving ... one more thing on ye olde "to do" list.

So rather than proverbially phoning it in today, I'm just going to take a long weekend and try to catch up on sleep and errands and other things. There's also a big adventure pending, and I need to make some plans for that, as well ... shhh, it's a secret for now.

All good things to those who wait ... :)


Cranberry Morning said...

Hey, I guess you need a little break. I'm starting to spin just listening to all you've got going on. Have a great weekend and we'll look forward to your always-fun posts when you've had a chance to catch your breath! :-)

Jenn said...

I know that feeling so well.. I have a bunch of posts that I haven't gotten to yet either...funny how life gets away from us sometimes, huh? Have a great long weekend..enjoy it, take care of you... I'll look forward to what you have waiting for us!!

Kelly said...

Have a great weekend!

Karen Harris said...

Well, I'm spending an hour this morning catching up on all my favorite blog reading. I hope you have a great weekend and I can't wait to read about your pending adventure.

Robin said...

Considering how busy you are, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. And your food comment was awesome. It made me smile.

Miriam said...

Your blog is adorable, and I'm excited to read about your upcoming adventure :). I hope you can relax soon, have a beautiful day! Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

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