Friday, February 3, 2012

Frugal Floozie Friday - Bill's Drive-In

Bill's Drive-In re-opened on February 1, after a brief fall/winter hiatus.  It offers hot dogs, chili dogs and root beer ... a limited menu, but one that is excellent nonetheless.  Focus on what you do well, as they say.

I would have featured this bright and friendly place sooner, but Jeremy and I visited just a few days before the season ended last fall.  So, better late than not at all, the hot dog stand is today's Frugal Floozie Friday feature!

You may remember that Bill's root beer made my Top 10 list for 2011; Jeremy summed it up this way - "Holy s---! This is, like, the best root beer I've ever had in my life! It's amazing!"  And it is very good, with rich flavor and not too much of a head; when you get a mug of root beer at Bill's, you get a full mug.  It's worth stopping by just for the soda alone.

But for less than $5 - our mandatory Frugal Floozie Friday budget - you can feed two people ... I'm serious!  Jeremy ordered a hot dog schmeared with ketchup and mustard, I ordered a chili dog with onions, we made sure to get our root beer, and the total tab was ... drum roll ... $4.30.  Yes, you read that correctly!

We drove up, parked the car, and before I could even reach to open the window there was a very friendly attendant already waiting to take our order.  He told us our options, we told him what we wanted, and he ran off.  I turned to talk to Jeremy while we waited; he uttered maybe one sentence before telling me "Lunch is here."  Our food was brought that quickly.

So now that they've reopened, be sure to eat at Bill's.  It's a long-time local favorite, and you'll be getting fast food that's also good food.

Bill's Drive-In
1292 E Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

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Candace said...

There's nothing quite like a good hot dog! You are a girl after my own heart getting a chili dog with onions. Add a schmear of mustard to the bun underneath and add cheese to the top with the onions and you will have my most perfect dog. That reminds me that we haven't had those in awhile. Now I'm craving them! Have a wonderful weekend, Mary!

Mary Sullivan Frasier said...

(sigh...) You just brought me back to my childhood days of going to the local A&W for burgers dogs and of course, root beer. What a deal, too! I can't believe you paid less than $5 for the two of you.

My dad was a bona fide root beer connoisseur and he really did know his "brew". I still order up a mug if we're somewhere that serves their own homemade sodas.

Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane, Mar! :~)

Cranberry Morning said...

And do they still hang the tray on your car window? 'Nostalgia alert,' as my kids would say. This may be worth the trip across that great body of water!!

Chris said...

Ha ha, true love is when you can order chili and onions on Friday date night :)

I have a little dive of a walk up joint like this near my office. Great place.

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