Monday, April 4, 2011

Peeping Into the Art Exhibit

There were some amazing artworks shown at the Riverside Arts Center's reception this past Saturday evening, in honor of the Annual Docent Art Exhibit. Last year's had a few striking pieces, but this year's offerings were truly exceptional!

There was also a buffet table, which was unfortunately heavy on grocery store sweets as well as chips 'n' dip; however, there were fruit and vegetable trays, which always make me happy, in addition to guacamole and Pigs in Blankets and a really lovely cheese assortment.

We brought the peanut-and-chocolate-coated pretzel sticks that Tom had asked me to make specifically for the event, which turned out to be so popular that Tom didn't even get to eat one!

We also brought a surprise offering. The idea had come to me in a flash of inspiration (or foolishness, depending upon your opinion!). It was festive, it was seasonal, and it was reminiscent of all the colors displayed upon an artist's palette.

So scroll on down to meander through the gallery with me! See some more of Tom's works, the rain and hail we drove through on our way to the party (which unfortunately kept attendance fairly low), some other notable pieces from the exhibit, some distinctive attendees, a display of the food and -- at the very bottom -- our whimsical contribution to the cause ... :)

My two favorites of Tom's (with apologies that the lights and flashes and reflections spoil the viewing somewhat):

House Fire by Thomas Boulan

Spring Equinox by Thomas Boulan

Like Mother Like Daughter by Corinne Vivian

Muse by Joan Newberry

Spring Fling by Laurie Clark

Ypsi Trashart: 1 Block, 1 Week, 3 Hours by Michelle Shankwiler


Candace said...

Peeps and friends! What a beautiful spring time festive plate of yumminess! The event looks like so much fun minus the bad weather. I'm sorry that was going on that night and also sorry that Tom didn't get one of those incredible looking pretzel sticks. You should definitely make him some more...all for him. He is truly a gifted artist! I love the art that you have shown us. Does he have his own webpage? My other favorite is "Spring Fling". Way cool! Thanks, Mary!

Lauren | Have Fork Will Eat said...

Delightful! I'm glad the exhibit went well..and those pretzel sticks are gorgeous! No wonder they didn't last. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

What fun! That looks like a fascinating exhibit. I especially like Tom's Spring Equinox. It's beautiful!

Jenn said...

PEEPS! Fantastic idea... I love it!
I also LOVE Spring Equinox.. it is gorgeous!

Meaghan Luby said...

very fun looking exhibit, thanks for sharing :)

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