Friday, May 28, 2010

I Won, I Won, I Won, I Won!!!

Just a quickie post to offer MANY, MUCHO, and MEGA thanks to everyone who voted for me in the 7th Mediterranean Cooking Event, which featured Algerian-inspired recipes. I WON!!! I had 32 votes vs. 17 for the 2nd place finisher ... you like me, you really like me!

So now I wait anxiously for my prize -- a North African cookbook which will fit happily with the several Moroccan cookbooks I already own (but really, one can never have too many, can one???).

Check out my page of contest wins to see this one featured right at the tippy-top of the list. It's a small win ... alas, no million dollars from Pillsbury to pay off my credit cards and car repair loan. But -- as my fellow cooking contesters and I are fond of saying -- "a win is a win." The competition was tough, with some gorgeous and amazing dishes! Rising to the cream of this crop was quite an accomplishment.

I am a proud and happy chickie on a sunny Friday evening ... :)


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself!
You must be an awesome cook!
Have a pretty night!

Java said...

Hi Yenta Mary!!

I added your blog to the Over 40 Bloggers List!!

Thanks for joining and I'm looking forward to our new friendship!

I am now following you! What a great blog you have...I'm going to go read some more!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

The Bush League Cook said...

Thanks for the follow! Am excited to read more from you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it, ha! ha! ha! a "Food Floozie"...I love it. Congratulations on your win - it seems you deserve it since not too many people are into African recipes. Anyway I'm here from Java's blog hop and your newest follower. I'm glad found this blog because I'm a foodie myself.

Hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me too. There's strength in numbers. Thanks!


Kristin said...

Congratulations on winning! How exciting. I have to agree with you, I don't think that one could ever have too many cookbooks. I hope that you find a ton of tasty recipes in your new cookbook.

Katina said...

Congrats! I am gonna have to stop by more for ideas. I cook because it is cheaper and healthier for my family but it is NOT my favo! Thanks for the comment and follow!

Rekha A said...

Congrats! Your recipe blog looks nice... Thanks for visiting my blog...

Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. Love yours!!

Kristin Morris said...

Congratulations Mary!!
And NO, you can neve rhae too many cookbooks! ;)


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