Monday, April 25, 2011

Elvis Doughnut Sandwiches

I have often been told that I'm a tad perplexing, as I tend to engage in behaviors that are antithetical to each other.

I love to learn languages and to study other cultures; I long to eat my way through Europe and want to shop in the souks of Morocco before I die ... and yet, I'm completely and utterly terrified of flying and am rather a homebody.

I was once accused of being an "intellectual snob" with a low boredom quotient (not ADHD), someone who can usually do The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle in a couple of hours ... and yet, I adore such admitted drivel as the Disney Princess movies.

I have a bit of an OCD for order, wanting everything in its proper place and straightening deposit slips at banks or packets of gum in the checkout aisle at the grocery store ... and yet, my car is such a mess that it still looks as though I'm toting 8-year-old Cub Scouts around despite Jeremy now being 20.

Suffice it to say that I can be unpredictable and contradictory ... :)

And what prompted this little episode of reflection and confession???

I was told last week that my behavior is striking with regard to money. "You will give anything you have to anyone. And yet, you shop like you're stingy at thrift stores and by buying Manager's Specials that are on sale because they're approaching their expiration date." Just call me the Frugal Floozie!

I give blood, and I'll one day donate my organs and tissues. I'll give you food; and if I've got it, I'll give you money if you need it. But how can I have anything to give to my loved ones in need or to my favorite causes if I'm not careful with my resources???

This then reminded me of a recipe I created when I was first separated before my divorce. I had bought a box of doughnut holes for a whopping 50-cents just before their "sell by" date, preparing myself for impending frugality and a presumed lack of money. They were kinda stale ... not ideal, even for soothing a wounded soul just looking for a fix.

What to do, what to do???

I dunked them in chocolate. I rolled them in toasted coconut. Everyone loved them!

Then I saw that Better Homes and Gardens magazine's monthly contest was seeking hand-held desserts. Well, it seemed utterly ridiculous to enter such a silly thing, but why not??? It cost nothing to do so.

And it turned out to be a $250 Honorable Mention called "Doughnut Delights"!!!

So, the lessons here???

Never pass up a good sale.

Never waste food.

And, as the Psychedelic Furs sing in "Love My Way": "You can never win or lose, if you don't run the race" -- my personal motto for life which I hold deeply in my heart.

But, I digress. In fact, I've taken you on such a long and meandering path here that I should have told you to wear comfortable shoes and bring a canteen of water!

Back to more soul soothing and another box of Manager's Special doughnuts ... and a price hike up to 69 cents -- sheesh, inflation in 4 years!!!

Anyway .... I had these plain doughnuts, and ate half of the dozen just as they were. But later on, it was time to glamourize them a bit.

Again, what to do, what to do???

Peanut butter and banana.

I sliced the doughnuts open. A schmear of peanut butter, a bit of mashed banana ... a new version of the famous Elvis sandwich!

Addictive little things, these are. I might have added a drizzle of honey if I'd had any, but they were really quite satisfying without it -- sweet, gooey, with just a hint of protein to counter the sugar. I can also see that these would be fabulous with chocolate-coated doughnuts ... oh, man!

Gonna have to try that version, 'cause I've got some more soul soothing to do after making a very necessary decision ....

Elvis Doughnut Sandwiches

4 small, plain doughnuts
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 medium banana, mashed

Carefully slice the doughnuts in half, and lay them out on the countertop.

Shmear some peanut butter on each doughnut half.

Divide the mashed banana among half of the doughnut halves.

Press one peanut buttered-half and one banana-slathered half together to make a sandwich, repeating with the remaining doughnuts.

Makes 4 sandwiches.

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Candace said...

I would have never thought of this. What a great idea! I sure wish I had one of these for breakfast. Yum!

Jenn said... are at least in good company.. I'd give up everything for people, but when it comes to buying stuff for myself, forget better be under $20!! lol
Second..congrats on the honorable mention...WOOHOO!!! Love the doughnut delights!
And last but not least... LOVE the Elvis sandwiches...makes me wish I had a doughnut right now!

Cranberry Morning said...

Love the story of the contest!! :-) And here you are again, creating yet another donut delight. Never heard of the Elvis sandwich before. Look at all the doors to popular culture you open for me, Mary!

chocoholic said...

I love the Elvis snadwich...although I've only had it once. Have you ever had doughnut toast? Someone I worked with brought in almost stale donuts, cut them in half and toasted them in the oven and topped them with butter!

Karen Harris said...

You are my kind of girl. I'd rather go to the thrift store than Neiman Marcus. Hey, you can't find Waterford flutes for $2.99 each at NM! I love manager's specials and shope the clearance racks first. I love your Elvis Sandwich. Can you tweak that and enter it into Nat'l Beef? You never know.

LisaWeidknecht said...

I'm hungry. I'm a follower, from the Over 40 Blogger List. Come follow me!

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