Monday, July 25, 2011

Peach-Raspberry Streusel Pie

Note to all my blogging buddies: I am so, so, SO far behind in reading!!! This past week was just chaotic, and the next few weeks are looking pretty stressful too. Some in a good way, the rest ... eh. I'm trying to keep up every few days, but can't always leave comments (thank you, Blogger, for your usual high level of cooperation!). Please just know I apologize for my neglect, but I still love all of you!

As I type this, I am anticipating the 5th Annual Pie Lovers Unite! on Sunday, July 24 - a fabulous celebration of pie hosted by Slow Food Huron Valley:

Pies are a great example of how local, seasonal foods can signify welcome and community with unique regional qualities. The Pie Lovers Unite! extravaganza honors pie-making traditions in Michigan by inviting people to bake, bring, share, and taste pies from around the area. Pie Lovers Unite! demonstrates that a community is only as good as its homemade pie - and we have a GREAT community.

This event is a step back in time, held in a beautiful Victorian house (The Ypsilanti Ladies Literary Club). It is a tribute to pie, to local ingredients, to handmade works of art, and to tradition. To see 75 or 80 gorgeous pies of all varieties - both sweet and savory - laid out on a lace tablecloth is a vision of beauty!

Last year I made a rich, luscious peanut butter pie for the festivities; this year, I decided to make a Peach-Raspberry Streusel Pie.

The peaches were beautiful specimens from the Farmers Market, which a dear friend had bought. The raspberries came from Marilyn, my beloved friend who often shares the bounty of her garden with me. My pie was a celebration of both Michigan fruits and the generosity of my loved ones!

My favorite part of this event is not the pie-ku recitation or the pie walk which offers a chance to win a prize; of course, the best part is when the guests have an opportunity to taste the pies they've been ogling all evening!

This portion is a bit chaotic, as there's not much space in the room with the pies, especially when dozens and dozens of fellow pie afficionados are vying for slices as well. But last year my guest and I were able to try 9 different varieties, which was a fabulous assortment. There are inevitably surprises (for example, a custard pie not being very good while a chocolate tofu pie was exceptional!), and it's fun to taste and deconstruct and analyze and chitchat.

Coffee and pie on a summer evening ... does it get any better than that?

Peach-Raspberry Streusel Pie

1-1/4 cups unbleached flour
2 tablespoons sugar
pinch of kosher salt
1/4 cup butter, softened
5 tablespoons ice water

In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar and salt. Using a fork, mix in butter until crumbly. One tablespoon at a time, add water and mix in with fork until mixture adheres together when pressed. Form into a ball and press to flatten; wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 1 hour.

1-1/2 pounds peaches, pitted, chopped
1/3 cup sugar
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 cup white wine (Flip Flop Wines Chardonnay - a lovely marketing gift - was ideal!)
1/2 cup apricot jam
1/2 pint raspberries (reserve for assembling pie)

Bring peaches, sugar, cornstarch, wine and jam to a boil in a medium saucepan; lower heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently, until mixture is thickened. Let cool to room temperature.

1/4 cup flour
1/8 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup instant oatmeal, plain
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 cup walnuts, finely chopped
1/8 cup butter, softened

In a medium bowl, combine flour, sugar, oatmeal, cinnamon and walnuts. Using a fork, mix in butter until mixture is crumbly.

Assemble pie:

Preheat oven to 400F.

Roll out crust into a generous 12" circle. Carefully place into a 9" deep-dish pie pan.

Place peach filling into the crust and sprinkle with raspberries.

Sprinkle the streusel topping over the filling.

Place the pie onto a baking sheet. Bake the pie for 45 minutes until the crust is lightly browned, the streusel is golden, and the filling is just starting to bubble. Let cool before cutting.

Serves 8-10.

8 comments: said...

This pie looks amazing and I love the crunchy topping .

Karen Harris said...

I love all of these flavors. The streusel topping is always a huge favorite. Great recipe Mary.

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh Mary! That sounds marvelous. Love that combination, fruit that is in season right now! And the bit of apricot? Genius. I'll have to make this when the kids are home next week. :-)

Jenn said...

First, no worries on the keeping up with reading, I understand completely...sometimes life just gets the better of us :)
Second, I so remember your peanut butter pie from last year!! This one looks pretty close to beating it!! :) YUM!

Candace said...

I have never had that combination of fruit flavors before. I have been missing out in life! I love that you added chardonnay to the filling. Yum!

Angela FRS said...

Lovely--the pie and the evening! Love the sound of pie-ku, too.

Judee @ Gluten Free A-Z said...

What a beautiful pie. Love the fruity filling of fresh rasberries and peaches. Love the addition of the wine. Bet it tastes great!

Anonymous said...

80 pies and coffee?! Where do I sign up?! Being the busy baker you are it's good that you took advantage of this opportunity. Your pie looks delicious! You must have had so much fun surrounded by other bakers and pie lovers.

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