Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: The Bocuse d'Or Fundraising Dinner in Milan, Ohio

Click here to read about the dinner and the afternoon of preparation for it ....

Eli Kaimeh and Philip Tessier, with Jennifer Petrusky in the back at the left (The Blade/Jeremy Wadsworth)

Eli Kaimeh preparing saba, a reduction of unfermented grape juice (The Blade/Jeremy Wadsworth)

Eli Kaimeh's Sauternes Poached Foie Gras, Pistachio Genoise, Cherry Bomb Radish, Watercress Blooms, Saba (The Blade/Jeremy Wadsworth)

Curtis Duffy and Gavin Kaysen (The Blade/Jeremy Wadsworth)

Observing the kitchen


Chris said...

Watching the back end of the house prepping and cooking is like watching a ballet, isn't it?

Sherry Ellis said...

That's the most artistic presentation of foi gras I've ever seen!

debi o'neille said...

I just popped over and joined as a follower after reading robin's Daily Dose, and I'm glad I did. Great blog!
Deb@ said...

Hi, Mary. I'm here thanks to Robin. I'm your newest follower and food floozie. Aren't all yentas? Smiles.

Cranberry Morning said...

Wow Mary, I think watching the preparation of the dinner would have been far more fun than the dinner itself! Fascinating and such artistry!

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