Friday, May 11, 2012

Frugal Floozie Friday - Banfield's Westside Grill

Banfield's Westside Grill - today's Frugal Floozie Friday feature - offers a wide range of comfort foods, from pizza and burgers to salads and sandwiches.  Many of these can be split, to stay within our mandatory budget of $5 or less per person.

But here's my recommendation for you: order the nachos.  For a mere $9.75, you will be served an entire platter of food that even three hungry eaters - my BFF Wendy, her sister Cheryl who was visiting from New York, and I - couldn't finish.  Not that we didn't try valiantly!  It's just that the portion was so generous that, despite being ravenous because we didn't manage to find our way to dinner until after 9 o'clock on our Girls' Night Out, we still couldn't eat the entire dish.

You'll still stay within our required budget if you share the platter with only one other person; but I promise you'll have leftovers!

You can go to Banfield's to watch sports, to play video games, or - as we did - to sit outside on the patio on a beautiful Spring night to enjoy the company of your friends while eating great food.  You can choose to have bean, beef or chicken nachos, with no extra charge for meat; we ordered the chicken, which was very tender and slightly spicy.  And because our dinner had such quantities of vegetables, with lots of lettuce and tomatoes on top of all the chips and cheese - we didn't even have to feel guilty about indulging in "junk" food!

If you're not feeling inclined to share your food, the soup, chili, sweet potato fries, and small order of onion rings all cost less than $5.There's also a small Caesar salad for $4.25, not to mention desserts.

But if you're feeling more generous and more sociable, none of the appetizers costs more than $10; invite some friends along and order a variety to taste.

Comfortable and very informal with fabulously friendly service, Banfield's is a great place to just hang out and relax while enjoying good ol'-fashioned hearty food.

Banfield's Westside Grill
5510 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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Cranberry Morning said...

That's a gorgeous plate of nachos! I would gladly have offered my help in devouring it all. :-)

Nicole said...

SOOOO Hungry now!

Robin said...

Those look delish. My mom and I will often share Mexican when we go out. Nachos are a favorite... usually because you can get so MUCH and they are soooo good. Those sound really good. Yum. Of course, we eat other things, too, to mix it up:-) If I lived in the Ann Arbor area I would never be lacking for restaurant ideas thanks to little ole you!

Chris said...

It is hard to beat a plate of nachos!

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