Monday, November 4, 2013

No Kid Hungry ... and How You Can Help

How can your sweet tooth help to feed hungry children???

By tempting you to click on this link to make a contribution (any amount is welcome!) to No Kid Hungry, which will then give you access to download an e-cookbook from Solo Foods that's filled with 35 recipes for sweet treats and desserts that were contributed by "the top bloggers around the internet" ... including li'l ol' me, with my recipe for Bear Claws. I am enormously proud to have been invited to contribute to such a cool project, and to support the exceptional work of this organization.

No Kid Hungry is "a nonprofit organization that works to end childhood hunger in America. Hunger in children affects everything from nutrition to socialization and education. It has been proven that hungry children are distracted at school and lose the basic skills needed to achieve higher education. No Kid Hungry funds school breakfasts, summer meals, and solutions community-wide. They are working to educate kids and families about nutrition and budgets to encourage healthy shopping. No Kid Hungry works tirelessly to raise awareness throughout the United States, where many Americans are unaware of childhood hunger. By placing a spotlight on this important issue, we can make a difference in thousands of childrens’ lives."

Especially now that November is here and food benefits have been cut to millions who were already struggling (working poor, people with disabilities, people who just need some help because of unforeseen circumstances), it's more critical than ever to support organizations that help to provide nutrition and sustenance to children.

So click on this link and donate, then download, and then share both the link and the fabulous baked goods you'll make with all your new recipes ... :)


Unknown said...

What a great cause and congrats for getting into their e-cookbook!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Yes, definitely a great cause, Mary. Isn't it hard to believe that in this country any child should go hungry. BTW that bear claw looks fantastic!

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