Monday, June 27, 2011

"Never Out of Mustard"

My good friend Wendy and I went to Detroit recently for an adventure. First we went to the Eastern Market and bought tomato plants and gorgeous sparkly, dangly earrings; we immersed ourselves in the abundance of fruits and vegetables and baked goods and plants and colors and aromas and vendors.

Before heading off to lunch, we walked the length of the Dequindre Cut:

"The Dequindre Cut is a below-grade pathway, formerly a Grand Trunk Western Railroad line, located on the east side of Detroit, Michigan just west of St. Aubin Street. Much of the Cut has been converted to a greenway; the colorful graffiti along the pathway has been left in place." (With thanks to Wikipedia for the succinct description.)

I had been there before, in the winter, and hadn't been able to see the entire expanse. But Wendy and I can both walk for long stretches (we walked 6 miles in all that day) and it was a stellar, sunny morning that was just perfect for a leisurely stroll.

As I had the last time I walked the Cut, I took pictures of the notable graffiti lining the way. Some of it is amateurish, and some is quite exceptional.

But how could a food obsessive like me not capture and cherish this piece:

This is practically my motto in life! I love mustard, in so many of its variations: yellow, Creole, whole grain, honey, whatever.

And, truly, I am never out of mustard.

In fact, I love mustard so much that I used two different types on a grilled salami and Muenster sandwich awhile ago (pre-discovery of my blood pressure issues, of course!): both brown and Dijon. Each makes its own unique contribution to the cause, and works in unison with the rest of the ingredients to offer flavor but without overpowering any other item.

Why be boring and just settle for one mustard, when you can boost the flavor with something as simple as a second schmear?

Grilled Salami and Muenster on Rye

2 slices caraway rye
schmear of Dijon mustard
schmear of brown mustard
2 thick slices Muenster
4 thin slices salami
1 tablespoon butter

Lay the bread on the countertop. Schmear one slice with Dijon mustard and the other with brown mustard. Place one slices of cheese onto each piece of bread, and top with salami; close the sandwich. Spread the butter on the outsides of the bread slices.

Place a skillet over medium heat and cook the sandwich in it for 2-3 minutes per side, until the bread is golden brown and the cheese is melting. Let the sandwich rest for 1-2 minutes before cutting.

Serves 1-2.


Angela said...

I love it! I have often thought about doing a "graffiti post" of some of the more interesting local stuff. There was an exceptionally beautiful piece that got covered up before I got over to take some snaps.

Looooove mustard. With you on this.

Unknown said...

LOL... I'm never out of mustard either and we have at least four different kinds in the fridge and/or pantry right now!
MMMMM...grilled cheese with salami AND mustard! Love it!

Candace said...

I've never had grilled salami and muenster; but, I'll be it's incredible. We are huge muenster cheese fans around here and love our mustard, as well. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Unknown said...

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Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

you do realize that since I have been in Weight Watcher's I can't read your blog as often as I used to. It makes me HUNGRY!!!! lol

Cranberry Morning said...

That sandwich sounds wonderful. Always important to keep a spicy, coarse mustard on hand - and horseradish, I might add. I've got to make this for my son in law next time he's here. He'd love this!

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