Monday, July 5, 2010

Music Monday: Music for Much-Needed Relaxation

I've done "Music Monday" posts before; but I'm participating in a new one today with my fellow food blogger Kristin of ::Kuppy Kakes by Kristin::. How can ya not love a girl who makes cupcakes??? That's a party you've gotta crash!

I was working on this post on Sunday morning as I sat in my jammies, getting my little blurb ready for a scheduled posting. Of course, I was attempting to be efficient and pro-active, having seen Kristin's blurb about the new meme on Facebook the day before; I decided to leap right in.

Now, in my usual convoluted fashion I started with one song, meandered through a few others, and then landed on"The Great Defector" by Bell X1. It's not really about food, other than the mention of a waitress on roller skates and chocolate at the end of a cornetto ... okay, maybe it's more about food than I thought!

After finding a video of Bell X1 on David Letterman's show, it occurred to me that Monday would still be a holiday -- for me, too, how 'bout that??? (I kinda keep forgetting -- my week has been so chaotic that I lose track of the days of late, with a loved one recently home from the hospital and having had a surgical procedure on Tuesday.) And what will most people be doing on this day off, just as they've been doing all weekend? Heatin' up ye olde grill for a barbecue.

So then the flow chart that is my brain went down a different tangent, and started to look for songs about barbecue. And there are plenty of 'em ... but they're so old and so obscure that there aren't any videos, which are infinitely more entertaining than just music against a blank screen. "I Love Bar-B-Q" by The Guy Brothers and "Barbecued Ribs" by The 3 Riffs are just two of the many, many options I could have chosen; YouTube has no clue that these priceless treasures exist.

And then I hit on it -- the perfect song! Why focus on the main course when there are side dishes to choose from??? So here is the next song I selected, one I chose with great glee:

But, as sometimes happens when I leap into things impulsively, I found out on Sunday afternoon that I was lacking some critical information. Kristin had picked a theme for her "Music Monday": "your favorite relaxing song!"

Okay, clearly neither of my previous choices qualifies ... but this is easily remedied, as there is one group in particular that I listen to when I need calming: Sigur Ros. If Jeremy hasn't felt well in the past, I've asked him if he wanted to listen to his "lullaby," 'cause he likes the group but always says their music puts him to sleep.

And so, here -- finally! -- after this circuitous tale and meandering post, is my song for Kristin's "Music Monday" ... whew! Grab some iced tea, put your feet up, and relax ... :)

After seeing my post, Natasha at 5 Minutes Just for Me invited me to join in her "Sunday Song" meme as well -- thanks for the invite! I always love to find new music and new artists ... :)


Natasha in Oz said...

Fabulous! I am totally relaxed now! Please feel free to link up your post to my Sunday Song Meme too!

Best wishes for a lovely week,

Cranberry Morning said...

It's nice to know that my brain isn't the only one that goes off on tangents, scrabbling down every possible rabbit trail. ;-) I especially have a word association thing going on!!

Anonymous said...

The Sigur Ros had some stunning visuals that complimented the music. What a wonderfully different selection. I'm going to try to remember Sigur Ros, since this is the first time I'm hearing this and I really got into it. But I gotta tell you I'm more in the "Solid Potato Salad" mood right now - I'm ready to meet the day head on, ha! ha! Oh and I'm off today too. Yeeeaaaahhh!


Unknown said...

I love your song choices! And, hey, I'm relaxed, so you did great!! :)

Kuppy said...

This is such a great song Mary!! Both of them actually, I love the older big band music! But your Sigur Ros song, was ery relaxing and a great pick!! Thank you for linking up. So far, not so good, lol. Music is great, number on linkers, not so good. bahaha!

Robin said...

Your relaxing song made me think wind chimes. Not all of the time, of course, but at various times it sounded a lot like wind chimes. I wasn't familiar with that group. There is so much music out there...

Rose said...

most music will put a sleeping affect to relax that's what we all need

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