Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen -- 13 Things I Ate Today ....

1. Granola with dried cranberries and Brown Cow Cream Top Maple Yogurt.

2. Chocolate-dipped chocolate chip biscotti.

3. Apricot thumbprint cookies.

4. Egg salad finger sandwiches on pumpernickel.

5. Cucumber sandwiches on oat bread, spread with Ranch dressing.

6. Almond biscotti. (There were leftover cookies from a tray sent to a family in mourning, and some fool put them in the conference room 10' from my desk. How could I eat one kind and neglect the others??? So, I kept going back ....)

7. Strawberries.

8. Blueberries.

9. Pasta with sausage and kale and tomato sauce. (Just a taste of this and the next 3 items, from the hot bar buffet at a gourmet food store.)

10. Tabouli with salmon.

11. Beets.

12. Turkey meatloaf with barbecue sauce.

13. Tic Tacs.

I will be doing penance, starting tomorrow ....



Yenta Mary said...

Okay, THIS is why Mary not only drinks strong coffee but a lot of it: when she doesn't have sufficient caffeine in her system, she does stupid stupid stupid things like accidentally rejecting all of her comments instead of publishing them ... :( Sorry!!! I did read them, though, before I selected "all" and clicked on the wrong button!!!

Rose said...

most of this sounds too inviting. i'm uncertain about the turkey meatloaf. have a good Friday.

Angela said...

I love thumbprint cookies...mmmmm...had my first taste of French-style macarons yesterday. Loved them.

Angela said...

thumbprint cookies...mmmmmmm...just had my first French-style macarons yesterday. Now I want more.

Mhel said...

no.1 sounds yummy!! and the egg salad sandwich too! by the way, hows your foodie exchange?

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