Friday, December 30, 2011

Frugal Floozie Friday -- Arbor Farms Market

My very dear friend Marilyn has been encouraging me to stop by Arbor Farms Market - a small grocery store devoted to fresh, local, organic, wholesome foods at reasonable prices - to find a Frugal Floozie Friday meal. She and her partner, Seymour, often shop there to pick up a quick lunch since they live nearby.

So when I was in that neighborhood recently, and was hungry after running multiple errands, I took Marilyn's recommendation and treated myself to a nice take-out dinner.

There were so many lovely things to choose from in the prepared foods section! Everything was priced by the pound, so I could determine not only which item I wanted but also whether I wanted one that was more or less expensive, depending upon its size.

Hearty soups clamored for my attention, as did a variety of tempting sandwiches. There were several different salads to choose from; so I picked what seemed to be a small one with bright greens, red onion, dried cranberries, pecans and grated white cheddar for a mere $2.94. A less expensive salad would leave more room in my mandatory $5-or-less budget for dessert, after all. I know what's important!

Because as soon as I saw the Split Personality Trifle - layers of chocolate and vanilla puddings with dark chocolate cake crumbs - I knew it was going to come home with me. With the pudding costing $1.89, my total for dinner was going to be only $4.83 and include both nutrition and a treat. (I had salad dressings at home, so I didn't pick any of the offerings at the market; that also would have cost a bit more and put me over budget.)

And what a surprise when I opened the salad and placed it in a large bowl to coat it with dressing - it was enough to feed two people! I packed half of it away for the next day's lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh, crisp vegetables, the sweetness and the crunch ... a perfect combination of textures and flavors.

Dessert was utterly sublime - an ideal Snack Pack-sized individual serving that provided a truly luscious ending to my meal.

There are many ways to create a nutritious but still fun meal at Arbor Farms - sandwiches, soups, salads, chips, fruit, desserts, chocolates, and all sorts of other goodies are available throughout the store. And the staff is also ready to provide friendly assistance should you be overwhelmed by the multitude of options.

This was a great Frugal Floozie Friday deal!

Arbor Farms Market
2103 W. Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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Unknown said...

The salad and trifle do look lovely! And what a deal.. especially when you found out the salad could feed you twice!!

Robin said...

That chocolate thing does look yummylicious. How are you these days? Shoot me an email.

Cranberry Morning said...

That salad really appeals to me right now! I've had a little too much of the 'split personality' type of thing lately, though it does look delicious! thank you so much, Mary for your thoughtful comments ALWAYS, but especially during the past week when the family was here and I was SO occupied as to not be able to attend to my blogging friends. Thank you for being a faithful reader and commenter of Cranberry Morning. We are united in spirit and separated only by that huge lake. lol

Have a wonderful 2012, Mary. I look forward to many more Food Floozie posts!!

Semicrazed said...'s been such a long time since I visited your blog for the last time...sry for that :)...and I hope you still remember me^^

I had to close my google account and my blog Semicrazed -.-*
You can now find me on wordpress


Ps: I wish you and your family a happy new year and an awesome year 2012

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