Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Be Nice to Mary" Week

Well, for some reason, this seems to be "Be Nice to Mary Week" to make up for the previous week in which both my laptop AND my glasses broke. Anyone who knows me is aware that I wear tri-focal progressive lenses; thank God for Tom, tape and Krazy Glue!!! If I thought being incommunicado was bad, finding my glasses in two pieces on Thanksgiving morning -- split at the bridge -- was far, far worse. My vision is bad enough that I could not even have patched my own glasses, if it weren't for my hero having saved the damsel in distress.

So, in the universe's greatly appreciated effort to make the inconveniences and expenses up to me, my friends (both in the real world and in cyberspace) seem to have just inundated me with lovely compliments and invitations and gifts ... I am humbled. Even my ex-husband -- whom I hadn't seen in 4 years until this past weekend, now that he's back in Michigan -- apparently told Jeremy after I'd left that "Your mom's a babe!"

And then, because my ego apparently hadn't been stroked enough, along comes the fabulous Robin of Your Daily Dose to dedicate a highly entertaining tidbit from "Friends" to me, in honor of my having moved in with Tom. (And, as always, she has a psychic gift, knowing full well without ever having met me that I would be in a tizzy about having my stuff moved!)

Robin has strength I cannot even conceive of, being able to write and envision BIG IDEAS and maintain a sense of humor despite suffering debilitating migraines. And she has love and generosity of spirit in abundance, despite her chronic pain. She is priceless!

But, as though all of this weren't sufficient, Robin also gave me an award:

And here is the lovely compliment she paid me while doing so:

Yenta Mary ~ Whose blog is the least like mine? Well, that would be Mary's blog. It is a cooking blog and I don't hardly cook anymore. However, she does manage to throw some living in there and she is the best commenter. She is an amazing person. I might be a magnet for horrible boyfriends, but I am a magnet for the best blogging buddies. And Mary is TOPS!

Well ... wow. I, the verbose one, am rendered speechless.

Except that I'm not permitted to be speechless for very long. I have to find 7 folks -- only 7, which is always hard; not finding that many, but narrowing it down to so few -- and then share 7 fascinating blurbs about lil ol' moi ... hmmmm.

So, let's get started 'cause this is hard work and I'll need to reward myself with a treat afterwards!

1. Amy's Dinner: Amy puts bbq pork into macaroni and cheese ... 'nough said!

The Culinary Cellar: Debbie generously shares her love by giving away cookbooks, those most prized possessions that are so dear to me.

Eat Drink Wash Up: Karen loves Roxy Music as much as I do, and is most witty and entertaining ... :)

Foodie Road Show: Angela is a fabulous cook, and a fellow bleeding heart and peanut butter addict.

From Chaos Comes Happiness: Leanne has an exceptional sense of humor and perspective of what's important in life, and warmth and wisdom to match.

Mini Eats: Allie makes the cutest jewelry and luscious-looking tidbits from clay, and I get lots of compliments on my dangly earrings that look like miniature pieces of yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting.

Positive Kismet: Elizabeth shares positive thinking and inspiration, which are much needed in the clutter of noise and stress we all endure.

And now, for the soul baring (or inanity, whichever you prefer):

1. I have a bit of an OCD; I like things in their proper place (as Robin already guessed!). I will walk around the house straightening, tidying, putting items back where they belong. Not so much a "neat freak" as a control freak, I think.

2. Although I am normally someone who makes about 20 different kinds of cookies for the holidays to give to loved ones, I have yet to make even one batch yet. Being behind -- let alone this far behind -- is very disconcerting. I don't like it.

3. I am currently wearing gold nail polish, which is as "neutral" -- to go with everything -- as I get.

4. Now that I live near downtown, I have started taking the bus to work. I love it!!! I grew up in NYC taking the bus and walking, and it's wonderful to return to my "city girl" roots instead of feeling like a Suburbanite just for having lived in an area of town not as accessible to the bus routes.

5. I am not quite done with my Christmas shopping, but I am very, very close to it ... yay!!! Still have a ways to go on Jeremy's birthday presents -- he'll be 20 on January 10 (and with any luck we won't have a blizzard, as we did when he turned 2 and again when he turned 18) -- but I'm making progress.

6. I love peppermint -- candy canes, peppermint patties, ice cream, tea, you name it. I was shocked -- shocked! -- last night to find out that Tom doesn't like candy canes but will eat peppermint if baked into something (presumably like brownies). Good thing he has other amazing qualities, or this might be a deal breaker!!!

7. When I had t.v. (no cable at Tom's, 'cause we're not t.v. watchers though he likes to watch movies), my guilty pleasure was watching "Hoarders." It made me feel infinitely better about my own housekeeping abilities (I find people either cook or clean, but rarely are inspired by both)! And it served as a warning to Jeremy, who has distinct hoarding tendencies because his father and maternal grandmother are hoarders, and his maternal grandfather is a Martha Stewart-like hoarder who at least has everything packed and labelled properly.

So, there you have it -- have a fabulous weekend!!!


Sheila said...

Happiness = knowing Mary had a great week! :) You deserve it!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

I'm glad to see that the universe has its priorites right this week, you totally deserve a "be nice to Mary week"! Happy Hanukkah!

Robin said...

I was really looking for moving in together footage and thought of Friends. When I came across that clip that I ended up posting of Chandler cleaning Monica's appt and Ross coming in, I KNEW it was RIGHT. Another one of those "I can't explain it moments," but I stopped looking. So glad you liked it. And you deserve so many good things. Life just spins out that bad stuff, sometimes willy nilly, that there can never be enough too much good stuff to compensate. Love ya!

Karen Harris said...

Awe Mary, thanks for the sweet comment about me and my blog. I'd have to say about yours: I always leave Mary's blog a little bit better person than I was when I arrived. You always make-a me smile!

Candace said...

Congratulations on your award and for having a better week! You are a great commenter and I love your blog. Stay sweet, Mary! The world needs more people like you.


Angela said...

Thank you Mary! So glad you are having a good week--we bleeding hearts need a break every now and then :) Looking forward to passing this on.

Amy Ricks said...

Hi Mary! Congratulations on the award, you are most deserving! Thanks for passing it on as I will humbly accept. Happy to hear that you are having a good week!!

Cheers and Enjoy the Weekend!

Cranberry Morning said...

Congratulations on your award. You are SO fun to read. :-) I guess now would be a good time to get that extra pair of glasses, huh. ;-)
Have a great weekend, Mary!

Miriam said...

I'm so happy for you, that you're having such positive things happen in your life. Have a great weekend! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Unknown said...

It's great to see that you are getting well deserved recognition, encouragement, and love from those around you!

alpal said...

Thank you so very much Mary! You are too kind! You made my day!


Leanne said...

Awe, Mary!!! You made my heart swell! Thanks so much for the amazingly kind words about my blog and for passing on this award!

I'm am so happy for this exciting time in life for you . . . and it's LATKE season, too! (There's much to be grateful for in the world!) THanks, again, for 'getting' me!!! Have a great weekend dearie!

Eliz Frank said...

Congratulations on your award from Mary and THANK YOU so much for including me on your list of seven; a truly daunting task!
I am enjoying reading your blog and have filched a few recipes to practice at home....
My kids are teenagers now and getting ready for college so I don't cook as much as I used to; busy schedules, college visits, food preferences,etc etc.
I am finding my cooking bone by living vicariously through your dishes... Thanks again!
Happy Holiday Season!

Eliz Frank said...

Oh Mary, I had your name on my brain when I said Congratulations on the gift from "Mary!" It should have read gift from Robin! LOL!

Pam said...

Congrats on the award! This was a great read and I'm all for gold nail polish!

Velva said...

Good to know that the stars have aligned once again. Cheers to your fellow bloggers who kept you smiling, feeling inspired. Thank goodness you got your glasses fixed. Girlfriend, I would feel your pain-I could not see five feet in front of me, had my lasses bit the dust.


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