Sunday, June 6, 2010

Congratulations, Jeremy!!! Class of 2010 ... :)

This is a quickie post, because I have so, so much to do today. Jeremy earned his G.E.D. a few weeks ago -- YAY!!! -- and this afternoon we're throwing the party that I'd promised to him ("Congratulations!") and to everyone who's helped him through ("Thanks for your support!") if I could just get him through school somehow. He's overcome a tremendous amount of challenges -- some health issues, some situations that ya just can't make up, and a fair dose of being too smart for his own good and lacking motivation. But he did it! So today, we celebrate -- MAZAL TOV!!!

I've spent several weeks baking and freezing goodies, and spent my weekend shopping and defrosting and cooking and putting the finishing touches on everything. Several posts this week will be devoted to our Dessert Buffet, featuring items to satisfy any sweet tooth and any dietary restriction. I've accommodated people who keep kosher, people with dairy and citrus allergies, and vegans ... have I left anyone out??? About the only special interest group not represented here is the Nut Allergy Lobby!

With so much work accomplished and yet so much more to do still, I'm enjoying a simple and nutritious breakfast before the schlepping of stuff (to the condo clubhouse where we're holding the party), the setting up, the schmoozing, the cleaning up, and the recovery.

This is a nearly perfect way to start the day -- yogurt with granola and dried fruit. My ideal breakfast is good cheese and fresh fruit, but that wasn't on the menu this morning. I like variety, too, rather than starting every single morning with waffles, for example; so there might be whole wheat English muffins and/or fried eggs, perhaps chips and guacamole, and on weekends I'll sometimes make oatmeal pancakes. But today I needed something quick and easy.

So here's my recipe, such as it is:

Pour some Brown Cow Cream Top Maple Yogurt into a bowl. Vanilla yogurt will do, and you could even use fruit flavored ones. But the cream topped yogurt is decadently rich, and the maple flavor is just exquisite!

Add some granola -- homemade is best, from a health food store is great, from a grocery store will do.

Top the granola with dried fruit. Raisins will work, but zzzzzz. Liven things up with dried cherries, cranberries, and/or blueberries.

If you were to be feeling particularly motivated on a Sunday morning, you could improve upon the presentation by using tall glasses and making layered parfaits. But I wasn't feeling so inclined, with as much other presentation as I'm going to have to handle this afternoon. I can cook, and I can bake; but showcasing it all leaves a lot to be desired. I have such admiration for those who can set up a fabulous, creative display!

So, there you have it: breakfast on the run ... or, rather, before the run now that I've become a mindless gerbil on a wheel. (A post-ex exercise -- pun intended! -- to work on self-improvement rather than rotting and wallowing.) It's still a little fast and a little slow and a fair amount of panting, but I've got more running in the mix than walking now ... :) I'm working towards making my ancient, klutzy, and slightly asthmatic self run a mile without gasping for oxygen, and getting a bit closer to my goal every day.

But for today, I'm going to celebrate Jeremy's achievement by devouring a few thousand calories in the various forms of cake, cookies, pudding ... and maybe a grape or a strawberry, just for color!


Ally said...

Congrats on the GED. That breakfast looks amazingly good! Dried berries make everything taste better :)

Following over from Gucci Mama.

Housewife Eclectic said...

oooo, yum!!

Thanks for the follow, I am returning it now!!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Hi!!!! Just found ya on Meet & Greet Monday. Love your blog! :)

discount cookware said...

The recipe for the breakfast is great. I will try it myself and will get back to you soon.

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